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Order your TestCards from Alliance Healthcare or Phoenix Medical Supplies.


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We support you with everything you need, including a digital assets pack with logos, product images and descriptions, video etc.


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We can provide retail display boxes, in-store window posters, and other POS materials.


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There are several ways for you to provide a test and treat service in store, benefitting you with the prescription treatment order as well as the TestCard sale.

There are 3 ways to become a TestCard Partner…

Stock TestCard online or in store

Order TestCard quickly and easily through your wholesaler, Alliance Healthcare or Phoenix Medical Supplies.

Order TestCard quickly and easily through your wholesaler, Alliance Healthcare or Phoenix Medical Supplies. We provide everything you need to stock and promote TestCard in your store, either online or in person.

The TestCard UTI test kit works in conjunction with our free mobile app. The app uses the power of a smartphone and colorimetry scanning technology. It works in the same way as analysis completed in a lab using a fixed terminal scanner. It’s the most accurate at-home UTI test you can offer your customers.

There is also a detailed urinalysis results screen that shows the levels of nitrites, leukocytes and pH in the user’s urine, providing all the medical information a healthcare provider needs to plan for treatment and prescribe medication.

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In-store Test & Treat service

Prescribing Pharmacist

For prescribing pharmacists, you can offer a prescription treatment service in conjunction with a positive TestCard UTI test result and uncomplicated UTI symptoms, helping to adhere to NICE guidelines on antibiotic stewardship.

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Non-prescribing Pharmacist

For non-prescribing pharmacists, you can provide a full UTI test and treat service in your pharmacy using a Urinary Tract Infection Patient Group Directive (UTI PGD).

Please contact PharmaDoctor to discuss the PGD.

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Pharmadoctor offer a tool designed to help you make better informed decisions when it comes to choosing clinical services to offer. Use this tool to analyse the potential of each service and how they can grow your business.

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Digital integration with your online doctor or pharmacy service

Light touch integration

  • Links TestCard customers to partner online doctor or prescription service at the touch of a button
  • Partner will be offered as a treatment provider to any TestCard customer who purchased the test from that retailer
  • Partner logo and link to online doctor / pharmacy portal / app will appear in the TestCard app
  • TestCard will include any required FAQs about the partner service on the TestCard website
  • TestCard will feature the partner on our site and in marketing materials

Large integration

  • Complete in-app user journey to purchase treatment and complete a qualifying pharmacy questionnaire
  • Payment for consultation and treatment is handled by TestCard and passed straight through to a partner payment account
  • Partner access to a portal to review user info and questionnaire answers, and process and manage orders
  • TestCard will include any required FAQs about the partner service on the TestCard website
  • TestCard will feature the partner on our site and in marketing materials

Become a Partner

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Your questions answered

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How does it work?

TestCard uses a set of test strips and a smartphone App to give users immediate, medical grade test results in the comfort of their own home.

The TestCard App works by combining the power of a smartphone and clinical scanning technology called colorimetry. It works in the same way as a test completed in a lab. Our App is actually more accurate than the human eye at seeing changes in the colours on the testing strip!

How accurate are the results?

Highly accurate – our tests are professional standard, the same as a laboratory test. TestCard is also CE Mark approved so consumers can be confident it has met the right standards to be used as a medical device.

Our technology was proven to deliver a greater level of reliability in a pilot study that pitted TestCard against fixed terminal scanners (used in hospitals and clinics around the world).

Is patient data safe?

Yes. Their personal information is encrypted on their device with a unique key. It is their choice to share them with a health professional or to keep them private.

Who is TestCard for?

Our tests are for anyone who is experiencing UTI symptoms and would like a faster route to finding out if treatment is needed.

Is it suitable for carers and patients?

TestCard is specifically designed for accessing treatment without having to leave the comfort of your home.

Does TestCard help with antibiotic stewardship?

Yes! PharmaDoctor’s UTI PGD recommends using a TestCard UTI test kit to test for a UTI – supporting NICE guidance on antibiotic stewardship Antimicrobial stewardship | Medicines guidance | BNF content published by NICE to ensure antibiotic treatments are offered to patients experiencing both symptoms with the presence of nitrites and leukocytes and increase in PH levels of urine.

What does the product test?

The test measures increased levels of Nitrates, Leukocytes and PH levels in the user’s urine sample.

What treatment options are offered to patients with a positive UTI result?

Patients will be offered treatment with a positive test result through Dears Pharmacy; however, you can promote your in-store Test & Treat service by patients sharing their test results with you and receiving treatment the very same day.

Which phones are compatible with the TestCard app?

Please see our Supported Devices here.

Where can I buy TestCard?

You can buy TestCard at Alliance Healthcare or Phoenix Medical Supplies, or directly from TestCard using the link.

Are there delivery charges?

Ordering direct from TestCard will incur a delivery Charge of £7.60 up to 49, £10.00 50+, £15.00 100+, £30.00 500+, £40.00 1000+ . Free delivery is available from Alliance Healthcare; agency-only account holders may be subject to additional charges.

Is there a minimum order?

Yes. There is a minimum order of 10 TestCard UTI Kits when ordering directly from TestCard.

What is the Pip Code?

The TestCard UTI Test Kits Pip Code is 418-6011.

Do I need to run a UTI service to stock TestCard?

No. TestCard has a treatment option available for customers through the app if they test positive for a UTI, using our partners Dears Online Pharmacy. You can still stock TestCard for your customers and they can still access treatment delivered the next day to the patient’s home.

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You can request our partner pack for more information, to help you to promote your new product and service. Our partner pack includes brand assets, graphics, images, logos, product descriptions, window posters and videos for in-store VDUs and websites. If you require anything else please contact us.

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